Oasis Support Trailer

The Oasis Townsville recently took delivery of a trailer that was built on a donation by Shaw Wines of $12,000 and enhanced by Australian Expedition Vehicles (AEV) with a donation of added work value of $6,104.43. 

The trailer supports The Oasis Townsville ex-ADF community teams (veterans, partners, families, friends) that have been heading out to Winton to support farmers; and more recently has supported our teams doing repair work on the homes of Townsville residents affected by the 2019 floods. 

The intent is to come to the work site more self sufficient, with the appropriate equipment, especially when heading out to western Queensland so we don't become a drain on the farmers resources while helping.


We intend to continue to build on this trailer as it was constructed with 'strong bones' and can take more adaptations to make it even more functional over time.  

Thank you to Shaw Wines and AEV. Our veterans and those we support are grateful for your support.

Aust Expedition Vehicles - Michael McMil