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Social Connection, Something to Look Forward to

Welcome to the ADF, Townsville and Australia

When a current serving veteran transferred from an overseas Defence Force to the ADF, their family joined them in moving to Australia. The family consisted of a partner and a child. Australia, in particular, Townsville, was a huge cultural and geographical shock, and while the veteran thrived, the partner and the child struggled to adjust and fit in.

Someone in the veteran community encouraged the spouse to attend The Oasis. This person personally brought the spouse in and called ahead of time to ensure one of the Planning Coordinators was available upon their arrival.

On the spouse's first visit to The Oasis, they met with one of the Planning Co-ordinators and it was identified that both the spouse and the child could benefit from mental health support and were linked in with Open Arms. It was also identified that they had no connections within the community, so the journey of linking them with social connections began. Over the next few months, the mental health of both improved, connections were made, and they became a very valued part of the veteran community and the Townsville community.


A recent catch-up with the veteran spouse revealed they are now enjoying their adventure in Australia. The child is doing well in school and is well known to many at The Oasis for their great chess skills and for attending as many social connection events as they can. The spouse has opened their own small business, has had a stall at The Oasis Market and enjoys catching up with The Oasis Team when passing through for a coffee at Dirty Boots Cafe. The Oasis Team are so glad to have been able to support this family in their transition to Australia and ensure they have felt the most welcome within the local and veteran community.

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