Wellbeing Support

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Need someone to help plan for transition, get a job or see a compensation advocate? We can do that and so much more!

We focus on providing a 'single front door' for veterans and their families to the services that will help their integration into the Townsville Community.

We support all of the veteran community, in the following ways:

  • If you are not thinking about getting out of the ADF just yet, but keen to know what you don't know then we can point you in the right direction. Here is a start.

  • If you are thinking of transitioning but have not yet completed the Defence paperwork, we will help to work through your options and the next steps.

  • If you have commenced the transition journey, having completed the paperwork to start the journey to exit (completed AC853), we can work closely with you and ADF Transitions to ensure you get all the assistance and support needed for a smooth transition.

  • If you have been out for less than 2 years and looking for a bit of help integrating into the community or looking for a job, come see us, we are exceptionally well connected to the best services in Townsville to be able to assist.

  • If you have been a civvy for over two years and are no longer entitled to any support from Defence, we are well placed to support you.

  • If you are a family member of any of the above, we can assist you also.​


Our Wellbeing Program is the centrepiece of our operation and will help cover off the relevant domains of our Human Needs Framework: 


Help us to help others?

We are also keen to find those doing well in the Townsville community. If you would like to discuss the prospect of becoming a case manager/wellbeing advocate, please read this page on our website.