Case Manager support



Need someone to help plan for transition or just get a job or see a compensation advocate? We can do that and so much more!

We focus on providing a 'single front door' for veterans and their families to the services that will help their integration into the Townsville Community.

We support anyone who:

  • is thinking about applying to transition out of the ADF, and their family

  • is about to transition out of the ADF, and their family

  • has been out for years, and their family.


Our Wellbeing Program is the centrepiece of our operation and will help cover off on the relevant domains of our Human Needs Framework: 


We recognise the biggest need is to assist those transitioning out of the ADF now. Our service complements the process for transition administered by Defence. We will advocate for you in dealing with the Defence Transition Centres or the Defence Force Transition Program. We also recognise that these Defence programs will remain involved in your transition for up to two years, while we intend to be in Townsville forever! 


As soon as you contemplate for the first time that you might make the transition out of the ADF, we'd love to see you. There are lots of things to consider and we often find many soldiers, sailors and aviators don't know what they don't know. 


Or if you'd like to start the recon on your own, have a look at these references which might help with the decision and preparation

Help us to help others?

We are also keen to find those doing well in the Townsville community. If you would like to discuss the prospect of becoming a case manager/wellbeing advocate, please read this page on our website.