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  • FBT Exemption under Section 123C of the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986

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Employment Program


There are several avenues into the Employment Program. Many are referred from the Wellbeing Program in addressing each of the 10 Human Needs, others come directly via the online application form. 

Gaining meaningful work is the most important of the 10 Human Needs addressed by The Oasis Townsville. It is important for many reasons, which are explained here

Our Employment program supports:

  • veterans and their partners gain meaningful work,

  • supports employers to better understand the benefits of employing a veteran,

  • works with any agency or organisation that can help us get veterans working, and 

  • connects veterans with suitable employers. 

Our Employment Program also supports veterans establish their own business. There are many Veteran Community Owned Businesses in Townsville

Our Service

The Oasis Townsville Employment Program is a bespoke placement program that specialises in helping employers in Townsville appreciate the value of employing veterans in order to effectively place veterans in employment that will benefit them and the economic growth of Townsville. Through our connections Australia-wide, we also place veterans into jobs elsewhere in Australia. We are particularly focused on veterans who are looking for work immediately post transition from Service in the ADF. An integral part of the program pays particular attention to veterans determined to work for themselves and start a business. Our service is free, provided by experts in the field of job placement and has an excellent track record. In the spirit of not doing what others can do better for our community, we utilise the efforts of other agencies where their interests in veteran employment and ours align and their service is complementary.