DVA Upgrade IT (phones)

DVA is upgrading its phone system

As a part of the DVA transformation program, the Department is improving the way veterans and their families interact with us over the phone.

Upgrades to the Department’s telephone system are largely due to feedback from veterans and their families who told us it was difficult to navigate the existing system. Work already done has reduced the number of unnecessary phone lines which moves DVA towards a single point of contact – 1800 VETERAN. 

Further upgrades to simplify the telephone system are planned to commence today.  DVA will be gradually introducing a new ‘open speech’ service where callers will be able to ‘Tell DVA’ why they are calling.

Initially only a very small portion of callers will experience this technology (5 per cent of calls to DVA’s main veteran phone line, which is about 200 calls a day).

These callers will hear a message asking them to say why they are calling, before they make a keypad selection from the usual menu of options. As we capture enquiries and work out how best to direct them, more and more calls will be directed through to the right area of DVA without the need to use the phone keypad.  If there are any issues during these phone calls, they will be re-directed through to a staff member for assistance.

Over the coming months as we build our capability to implement this technology, we will continue to expand the percentage of callers given access to ‘Tell DVA’.

Throughout 2019, further enhancements will be introduced to DVA’s telephone system. This will include the option for callers to request a call back at a time that suits and the opportunity to provide feedback via a post call survey. The Department will use this feedback to continue to improve its systems and services.

As we roll out these system improvements for veterans and their families, we will continue to keep you updated.  Your support and feedback during our transformation program is very valuable to us and we continue to invite you to provide feedback through your ESO and other engagements to ensure we are designing and delivering the services that veterans and their families need to live healthy, successful lives.

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