Our Collaborations

Joint Programs (MOU)

We have signed a formal agreement to establish boundaries and responsibilities in the achievement of specific objectives.

Red Rock Recruitment

  • Employment support and services.

RSL Queensland [In Draft]

Volunteering North Queensland (VNQ)

  • Ensure the best and most appropriate volunteer opportunities for members of ex-ADF community. 

​TAFE Queensland [In Draft]

  • Access to courses for professional development of volunteers and skilling for job seekers.​​

Veterans Community Business Chamber

  • Training and preparation to assist veterans into their own business and band veteran owned businesses around Australia together for mutual support.


We are being supported by these organisation to achieve our mission. Their contribution and collaboration are very important. 


Human Performance Centre, 3rd Brigade

  • Planning for the effective transition of soldiers into ex-ADF community.

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC)

  • Presentation to ex-ADF community in Townsville.

ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre (ADF FSCC)

  • Presentation of financial information and consultation support to ex-ADF community in Townsville.

Townsville Enterprise Limited

  • 2018 Emerging Leaders Program. Support with development of the concept and plans.

  • 2019 Emerging Leaders Program - JIGSAW Project. Submission of ILC Grant to NDIA to support employers seeking to employ disabled persons (including veterans).

Bravery Trust

  • Rapid assessment and provision of financial support to veterans.

Veteran Sport Australia

  • Facilitation of connections to sport in the Townsville region.

Prelim Discussions


Central Queensland University

  • Access to courses for professional development of volunteers and skilling for job seekers.



The Oasis Townsville Limited, a public benevolent institution, is endorsed to access the following tax concessions:

  • Income Tax Exemption under Subdivision 50-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

  • GST Concessions under Division 176 of 'A New Tax System' (Goods and Services Tax) 1999

  • FBT Exemption under Section 123C of the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986

For the benefit of members of the

Ex-ADF Community

in Townsville.

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