Opportunities to Sponsor


  • Oasis 'Hounds4Healing Assistance Dog' Program. An assistance dog for a veteran who is in need of mental health support = $2500 / year.

  • Oasis Sewing Program. Consumables and maintenance of equipment four participants for a three-month workshop = $200 / month.

  • Art Program. Consumables for four participants for a three-month workshop = $500

  • One Operation FARMER ASSIST expedition. An expedition for up to 12 people (mix of veterans, partners, civilian friends) for 7 days to western Queensland on Operation FARMER ASSIST to support farmers = $10,000 per expedition to western Queensland. If a sponsoring organisation would like to send one or two representatives, like staff, for the experience of a lifetime, that is entirely in line with our objectives of bringing our ex-ADF community closer to the Townsville and business community. These teams do some great work, see the Operation FARMER ASSIST page here


  • Expedition Trailer Upgrades. A purpose-built trailer to take water for drinking and showering, fridge for food, generator and lighting, space for stretchers and personal equipment (and rego and insurance) so that our presence does not put undue strain on farmers' resources was constructed such that it can be expanded when funds are available to add capabilities to it. Each upgrade or modifications costs about $5000. 

  • Four for Sewing. An additional table for 4 participants in the sewing program including sewing machines =$6,000 one-off per group of 4 extra participants for a three-month course.

  • Four for Painting. Additional 4 participants in the art program including easels, painting sets and clean up material = $4,000 one-off per 4 extra participants

  • Video Teleconferencing Capability. $10,000 for the fit-out of a video/teleconferencing capability in a designated break-out room for veterans and their families to participate in meetings with specialists not resident in Townsville; and particularly for appearances before the Veterans Review Board by veterans making claims to DVA.