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What We Do


The Oasis Townsville is a organisation and a place providing a concierge service for the ex-ADF community in Townsville. We help you figure out what you need to be happy and then we help you find the products and services that will make it happen.

We subscribe to the theory that:

"Happiness =

Something to Do (A Job)

+ Someone to Love (A Team)

+ Something to Look Forward To (A Plan)"

Our Approach is to help you find the services you need to experience that wellbeing everyone talks about!

We Offer

We have a Wellbeing and Advocacy Program that brings our Navigators and Advocates together. We use the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) model which has 7 wellbeing domains. We help you with a plan based on the relevant domains, particularly given most of the domains are interconnected, for example income and finance with employment. A Wellbeing Navigator will utilise our database of services (Service Directory) to find the people, businesses and organisation that can help. This database is becoming increasingly good at helping to establish the services that other veterans and families have found from experience to be the best for veterans, like the best doctors for dealing with DVA. The Compensation Advocates will take referrals from the Wellbeing Navigators when there is a need to deal with Income and Finance issues and there is a clear entitlement. 

We have an Employment Program to help you get a job and we have teamed up with Red Rock Recruitment to give us the professional expertise and reach across Australia to find employment for veterans and their families. We are of course trying first to find you a job in Townsville and those who are not here but would like to return. But through other organisations we work with we have placed veterans in jobs outside Townsville, if that was acceptable to them.

We can't help you with a life-partner, but we can help you stay connected to the teams you knew in the ADF. We call this the Connections Program. We'll support anything that gets veterans and families connected to each other and to the Townsville community more generally. Our facility has been built specifically to support the many veteran unit and Service associations in Townsville who are looking for a place to meet over a coffee and with free internet access. We will work with any group wanting help to stand up an activity that's good for our community and connects individuals to each other and communities.