This operation began in October and concluded in December 2019. It was a pilot run in collaboration with the Salvation Army to kick start the larger project named The Townsville Community Rebuild Project.

An end-of-pilot debrief and some photos of the activity are further down this page. 

In Brief

Information extracted from the 'Team Townsville #WhateverItTakes Concept Brief' 

Operation TOWNSVILLE ASSIST is The Oasis Townsville's codename for our participation in the collaborative effort bought together under the banner The Townsville Community Rebuild Project .


The Townsville Community Rebuild Project is a community-led, collaborative initiative that aims to facilitate
coordination of assistance to Townsville residents who are unable to repair their flood & monsoonal trough affected properties to a safe, habitable and predisaster condition, and build their resilience for future disasters.

The 2019 Monsoon Trough event in Townsville left a legacy of community devastation that will continue to be
endured well into the future. Authorities have estimated that over 3000 homes were damaged during the unprecedented weather event. While some community members have been able to return home and others are on the repair or rebuild journey, many remain with little or no hope of being able to repair their homes due to the lack of funds for the necessary repairs.


Many of the impacted families are amongst the most vulnerable in our community and are currently suffering
with inadequate housing. The Townsville Community Rebuild Project will provide opportunities for all  community members to provide support in helping those in need, our neighbours, to get back into safe liveable housing. Together we can help build a stronger community, and build resilience for all within our
community. If not addressed, this problem will leave families and individuals in substandard living conditions and experiencing the knock on effects including financial stress and social impacts of not having a place to
call home.

Although Government and Nongovernment organisations have contributed significant support to the disaster recovery, most of their resources are now exhausted. Additionally, in many cases available grant funding does not meet the rebuild needs of the targeted community members who do not have access to sufficient resources to recover themselves.

Research demonstrates that successful, post-disaster recovery is often community-led and is responsive and,
flexible, engaging communities and empowering them to move forward to a new normal. The Townsville Community Rebuild Project is a community led collaborative and integrated interagency project where priority is to assist Townsville’s vulnerable individuals and families who are unable to successfully repair their properties to a safe, habitable and pre-disaster condition.

Recipients of the community’s assistance will have an obligation to participate in the rebuild of their home
and to pay it forward by helping others.


A community led, bottom up approach using a volunteer workforce and donated materials is key to the
success of this project. This model provides an avenue for anyone in the community to get involved as a
volunteer in any of the various roles, committees and groups needed to make the project a success. The
project therefore is building social capital through community cohesion and inclusion while rebuilding homes.

Many in the Townsville community are still struggling with inadequate housing after the serious weather event that occurred in Townsville early this year. The Oasis Townsville and The Salvation Army have partnered to launch a pilot project to assist Townsville’s individuals and families who are unable to successfully repair their properties to a safe, habitable and pre-disaster condition.

As at 3 Dec, we have completed 3 houses and we have plans for 2 more in 2019. We've done one in each of the following suburbs: Hermit Park, Mt Surround, Idalia. Each home is taking about 5-8 days and we generally need about 10-15 volunteers. We have qualified people on board to make sure what we do is good work and suitable for the home to get residents back inside. 

Debrief at End of the Pilot

Operation Townsville Assist Pilot ended on 17 December 2019.


It has been an outstanding success:

  • Over 5 weeks,

  • 5 homes ready for Christmas.

  • 49 veterans and 17 civilians from The Oasis Townsville volunteer Army

  • They provided over 1,300 hours of free volunteer labour saving home owners over $56,000.


Floss Foster was our Project Manager, Scubba and Matt Brady were site Manager’s.


We'd like to thank:

  • Trey Chaloner for giving up 3 weekends helping with electrical work and Denise,

  • Kim and Wayne for feeding the team with amazing food each day,

  • Shaw Wines (with Australian Expedition Vehicles) for our trailer for Operation FARMER ASSIST,

  • CD imagery for the signage,

  • Bunnings warehouse,

  • 1300Meteor,

  • Green Ant Skips, and

  • NorQuip.


And for the kind donations from:

  • Coles Fairfield (Kyle Burt) for providing the food to feed our team.

  • AEV for the loan of a vehicle while we waited for our trailer to be finished.


The Operation TOWNSVILLE ASSIST Pilot supporters:

  • Minister for Communities and Minister for Disabilities Services and Seniors - The Hon Coralee O’Rourke MP.

  • Townsville Mayor Cr Jenny Hill.

  • Townsville Deputy Mayor Cr Les Walker.

  • Chair Community and Cultural Development Committee Cr Colleen Doyle


Our thanks also to our partners The Salvation Army and The Townsville Rebuild Project.