Hundreds of local jobs up for grabs to build Oasis


A multimillion-dollar veteran’s support hub is expected to begin construction in Townsville as early as November using only local trades.

KATE BANVILLE, Townsville Bulletin


September 9, 2019


A MULTI-MILLION dollar veterans’ support hub is expected to begin construction in Townsville as early as November, using only local tradies.

More than 50 keen tradesmen attended a procurement meeting for Oasis Townsville to discuss the next phase of its construction, to be completed by local contractors as part of its criteria.

In total it has received $4.3 million for design and ­construction, $1.8 million to ­secure land from the State Government, and $5 million in federal funding.

The three Townsville-based builders short-listed include Paynters Pty Ltd, A. Gabrielli Construction and Woollam Constructions for the project, which is expected to go to ­tender at the end of October.

A. Gabrielli Construction managing director Adrian ­Gabrielli said his company ­intended to have 100 per cent of its workforce local to the Townsville region.

“We’ll have our total workforce local but we might find some people who come from out of town, and they just want to donate time and help. If it means something to them ­personally we’ll find a way,” he said.

“It has to be done legally, obviously, being it is a ­construction site but this is a goodwill project, so I know a lot of people have some sort of connection to it as appreciation to our defence force.”

Oasis director Lieutenant General John Caligari (Retd) said he was certain the project would be delivered on time for its planned opening by April 2020 despite minor delays.

“There’s been some things that have caused problems and delays but they’ve all been for good reason; take the federal election, for example; that delay worked in our favour ­because now we have the ­entire project funded,” he said.

Mr Caligari said the State Government’s responsibility to fix adjacent roads wouldn’t hinder construction deadlines.

“That was an issue between road and building; once that agreement, which is imminent, then they can just get on and start building the road,” he said.

The project is expected to provide 450 jobs for the ­construction, including 20 full-time Townsville positions.