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Have you already been for your first appointment with an Advocate at The Oasis Townsville?

If you have already been accepted onto our Wellbeing Advocacy Program, having completed at least the first face-to-face interview with an advocate at The Oasis Townsville, then you will be best to call the advocate hotline or call to make another appointment, if we don't contact you first. You'll generally hear from us monthly at least or when needed we will get in touch sooner for the next steps in the process, especially if we have been waiting on DVA to respond. 

Advocate Mobile answered during office hours 0900h to 1200h Tue, Wed and Thu - 0432 597 864

New to The Oasis Townsville?

We need to gather some information and organise your first appointment.

Please click the button below and complete the form. When you have submitted the form you'll get a call to make your first appointment. 


We need this information to establish the urgency and complexity of the case and the best fit for our advocates.

Documents to bring to the first meeting. If you need a Compensation Advocate, you'll be asked to bring as much as possible from the following list to the first interview. It would be worthwhile attempting to gather as much as you can now to be ready for the call and the appointment.


The documents you'll need (note most of these will have been given to you on a thumb drive if you transitioned since 2019) are:

  • Proof of identity (POI); this is required if you have not previously made a claim for compensation through DVA and is also required when making a claim for a Service Pension. 

  • DVA number or treatment card, if issued.

  • Military medical documentation associated with your injury/condition.

  • Medical documentation associated with your injury/condition since discharge, including any associated specialist report(s). (Specialist reports are very important to your case).

  • Enlistment and discharge medical and dental health examination (SHE and DHE).

  • Record of Service which should include:

    • date of enlistment,

    • date of discharge and

    • any operational service including dates of operation(s).

  • Accident incident report(s).

  • Any previous correspondence or decisions you have had from DVA.

  • Your Bank details:

    • Account Name,

    • BSB Number and

    • Account Number.

  • Your Tax File Number

  • You might also wish to bring your partner/spouse to the interview. In many cases your partner will be able to assist with describing how your disability affects you and your family.

Forms to complete at first meeting. At the first meeting you will be asked to complete and sign a few forms also to make the process smoother:

  • Consent to Collect Information. Advocates need to collect personal information to establish your needs so that they can provide the most appropriate and best service possible.

  • Consent to Release Information. This allows advocates to pass necessary personal information to other agencies and individuals for the purpose of supporting your claims.

  • Authority to Act. This form allows an advocate to act on your behalf so that the process is not slowed every time a question is asked for which your advocate knows the answer, and with this form can act on your behalf and in your best interest. (see separate forms for CSC and DVA, below)

  • Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation - Third Party Authority form. This is required by CSC for them to acknowledge that an advocate may access your personal superannuation entitlement information and act on your behalf. 

  • Authorise a Representative. This form authorises the advocate to act on your behalf when dealing with DVA. 

​This will save time in processing and also give you the best possible chance of having your condition accepted through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) in the shortest possible time.


Need to ask a question or contact an Advocate?

You can contact us many ways, here are a few:

  • Simple query: Complete the contact form on this website (not to be used if you are applying to see an advocate)

  • Application for a 1st Appointment with an Advocate

  • Phone: 0432 597 864

    • this phone is manned Tue, Wed and Thu from 0900h to 1200h.

    • but you can leave a voice message which will be followed up on our next working day.

  • Email:

    • This is a better way to contact us than phoning. We are getting many calls and often drowning in voice mail. Email can be responded to or redirected to the right person quickly. 

  • Walk-in: 

    • Current Location: 143 Walker Street, TOWNSVILLE CITY, QLD 4810

    • New location from mid 2020 (fingers crossed!): 1 Staging Camp Road, OONOONBA, QLD 4811

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