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The Oasis Townsville recognises that to appreciate an individual's needs is seldom straight forward. There are generally at least several of the 10 Human Needs interacting. 

Our Wellbeing Case Managers can step you through the 10 Needs and identify which ones are impacting your situation. These Wellbeing Case Managers will then utilise our Service Directory to refer you and your family if applicable to the best services available in Townsville. We are also developing a network of like organisations around Australia and may be able to refer you to one of them for similar help in a different location around Australia. 

There are a few needs we can fulfil at The Oasis Townsville. We have found where the service need for the benefit of the veteran community is in limited supply or the quality is not as high as we need, we will attempt to bring it in-house. Compensation Advocacy is an example. If our Wellbeing Case Managers see your need for compensation advocacy in order to ensure appropriate compensation, we can refer in-house. Some of our advocates are actually both wellbeing and compensation advocates. We also conduct our own in-house assistance dog program (Hounds 4 Healing) 

Have you already been for your first appointment with an Advocate at The Oasis Townsville?

If you have already been accepted onto our Wellbeing Program, having completed at least the first face-to-face interview with a Case Manager at The Oasis Townsville, then it would be best to call to make another appointment, if we don't contact you first. You'll hear from us regularly, or when needed, we will get in touch sooner, for the next steps in the process.

Wellbeing Mobile is answered during office hours 0900h to 1500h Weekdays (less public holidays) - 0432 597 864

New to The Oasis Townsville?

We need to gather some information and organise your first appointment.

Please click the button below and complete the form. When you have submitted the form you'll get a call to make your first appointment. 


We need this information to establish the urgency and complexity of the case and the best fit for our Case Managers.

Forms to complete at the first meeting. At the first meeting you will be asked to complete and sign a few forms also to make the process smoother:

  • Consent to Collect Information. Advocates need to collect personal information to establish your needs so that they can provide the most appropriate and best service possible.

  • Consent to Release Information. This allows advocates to pass necessary personal information to other agencies and individuals for the purpose of supporting your claims.

  • Authority to Act. This form allows an advocate to act on your behalf so that the process is not slowed every time a question is asked for which your advocate knows the answer, and with this form can act on your behalf and in your best interest. (see separate forms for CSC and DVA, below)

  • Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation - Third Party Authority form. This is required by CSC for them to acknowledge that an advocate may access your personal superannuation entitlement information and act on your behalf. 

  • Authorise a Representative. This form authorises the advocate to act on your behalf when dealing with DVA. 

​This will save time in processing and, if appropriate, also give you the best possible chance of having your condition accepted through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) in the shortest possible time.


Need to ask a question or contact an Advocate?

You can contact us many ways, here are a few:

  • Simple query: Complete the contact form on this website (not to be used if you are applying to see an advocate)

  • Intake Application to Wellbeing Program

    • Email:

    • This is a better way to contact us than phoning. We are getting many calls and often drowning in voice mail. Email can be responded to or redirected to the right person quickly. 

  • Phone: 0432 597 864

    • Weekdays (less public holidays)

    • you can leave a voice message which will be followed up on our next working day.

  • Walk-in: 

    • Current Location: 1 Staging Camp Avenue, in The Village at Oonoonba, QLD 4811 (see map)

  • Postal: PO Box 2513, IDALIA QLD 4811