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Supporting the wellbeing of veteran community

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Meaningful work, good mental and physical health and strong social connections are amongst 10 core elements that make up an innovative wellbeing program currently being rolled out at the veterans' Home Base in Townsville.

The Oasis Townsville’s Wellbeing program uses a framework of 10 human needs as the basis for providing information, advice, and referral services to help support members of the ex-ADF community. This applies as much to those who have been out of the ADF for many years as to those still serving and have begun thinking about transitioning out into the local community.

The Oasis Chair, Lieutenant General John Caligari said the program was the centrepiece of the operation and worked by covering off relevant areas identified in the Human Needs Framework.

“The wellbeing program takes a holistic approach to supporting the integration of veterans, especially during their transition journey, which is now well known to be the most challenging stage of life for a veteran and their family,” Caligari said.

“Whether it is getting help to develop a transition plan, obtain a job, find a compensation advocate, or connect with old mates, the program seeks to work with clients to understand what other areas of their lives they might need help and support with.

“This underpins our objective of providing a single front door for veterans and their families in Townsville to access the many services that can help with their integration. We've specialised in understanding where all the best services for veterans are.

Ms Colleen Wing is Program Manager for the Wellbeing Program at The Oasis Townsville. She describes the model as "being about taking a deeper approach to what support our veterans are looking for, as often they are not aware of the significant help that is available to them when they are planning on leaving, or after they have left, the Australian Defence Force."

“We have dedicated specialists experts in uncovering the challenges that veterans are going through. Our team members have built their experience helping others transition and integrate into the community.

“It can be difficult to get people to put up their hand and say they are struggling or need help and this program works by not only getting the conversations started but by providing direction and support the whole way through their journey.

“It really is about letting veterans know they are not alone and there is support available to them at our Home Base for veterans in Townsville.”

For more information on The Oasis Wellbeing Program visit


Media contact: Michael Baker; 0417 900 545

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