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Mobile Service Technician

Our VBA Member, Accidental Health & Safety NQ (AHSNQ) are seeking a permanent part time Mobile Service Technician.

Organisational Context
Accidental Health & Safety NQ (AHSNQ) provides businesses with first aid and safety products to assist them in being compliant with Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Legislation.

Purpose of Position
The mobile service technician supports the directors in providing inspection and restock to AHSNQ clients.
This role will include regular scheduled services, stock deliveries and pickups within the Greater Townsville Area.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Present in a professional manner with any personal preventive equipment (PPE) required as per site policy
• Attend scheduled sites promptly and on time
• Inspect all kits on site for any missing, expired, damaged or partly used items
• Tidy and clean first aid kits
• Restock first aid kit to relevant contents list
• Complete certification on each kit
• Remove all expired, damaged or partly used items for disposal
• Invoice client for all kits inspected and restocked
• Leave all site work areas clean and tidy
• Delivery of orders to clients
• Pick up of stock
• Collect kits for servicing at warehouse and redeliver
• Good communication skills
• Basic computer skills

• Restock personal bag and vehicle at the end of day
• Sort all removed items for disposal or donation
• Receive new stock into warehouse
• Stock rotation
• Keep warehouse area clean and tidy
• Check stock levels

• Develop and contribute to a team environment, working collaboratively in sharing and generating ideas, empowered to achieve outcomes.
• Contribute to regular staff meetings.
• Communicate effectively and openly in the workplace.
• Complete tasks in a timely manner and meet strict deadlines.
• Participate in professional development including self-directed learning and required training.
• Demonstrate knowledge of occupational health & safety, and equal employment opportunity and comply with associated organisational policies.

Please note that the responsibilities outlined in this position description are not exhaustive,
and only an indication of the work of the role. AHSNQ can direct you to carry out duties which it considers are within your level of skill, competence and training.

Key Selection Criteria
1. Suitable personal vehicle initially
2. Open drivers licence.
3. Computer skills.
4. Demonstrated ability to apply confidentiality, discretion and exercise initiative.
5. Good oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
6. Ability to work independently.
7. Ability to work in a professional and effective way within a team, and contribute to a positive team environment.

Additional Information
The incumbent to the position will be required to:
• Occasionally work non-standard hours

It is expected that the incumbent of the position will give full commitment, support and actively participate in achieving the strategic directions of AHSNQ as the organisation and its staff adapt to a new and dynamic operating environment. This includes the flexibility to accept changes and additions to specified duties which will evolve as a result.







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Accidental Health & Safety

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