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Job Placement and Support

The Oasis Townsville has been approved by Centrelink to host job seekers

who are undertaking voluntary work as an approved activity. 

Our Organisation ID number is 36375.

"Every year, more than 5,500 people leave the military so improving the transition experience is vital.

The Defence post-transition survey indicates that 26 per cent of ADF members are looking for work prior to transition. 

At three months post-transition this is down to 12 per cent, and by 12 months down to 8 per cent."

Ministerial statement — third annual statement on veterans and their families, 16 Oct 2019



Whether you are transitioning out of the ADF or have been out for some time, there are a number of organistions getting into the jobs-for-veterans space (see below). We hope to be able to refer to all of them. We are in the process of setting up an arrangement to do the best job of ensuring we can support the veteran and the members of his or her family identify what they are good at, what they love doing and then matching them to an employer.


We are also keen to ensure we cater for the individual who would like to start up their own business. There are many of these veteran owned businesses in Townsville and organisations specifically to support that process. We'll match them up too. This is one of our areas of main effort to build this capability in the first half of 2019. 

Support for Transitioning ADF Members 


Apart from running Transition Seminars at Lavarack, DCO offer good support for those who are serving. ​Here are some handy links from the DCO website.

What industries are jobs fastest growing in?

The Australian Government website JobOutlook is a good place to start for a menu of jobs you might be interested in. See what jobs are on the rise in the next 5 years?

Now find how to acquire the skills that can lead to what you want to do.


Recognition of Prior Learning from ADF?


  • Qld Government Skillsgateway site is very useful, it is a search engine to assist people to navigate training courses, qualifications and funding. It also provides details of all current Skilling Queenslanders for Work projects in QLD.


Help Finding a Job


Help to Run and Set-up and Small Business 

Issues to be aware of when coming to 'Civvie Street'

Employment Services that support ex-ADF members* 



*list is not exhaustive, if you know of another please email