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Employment Program


What was your experience in dealing with The Oasis Townsville Employment Service?

I found it very easy to apply online, I was then emailed by Paul who helped me get in contact with Michelle to chat with myself about fixing my resume. This was very helpful as there were many things I was unaware of adding to my resume. 

It was very beneficial. One of my friends who was also transitioning out of Defence recommended that I get in touch with The Oasis and tell them about my situation. Within a couple of weeks I had met with one of the advisers (Michelle), who helped me set up a meeting with the Director of The Oasis, David Kippin. He was very friendly and invited me for a tour of Dalle Cort Financial Services to get an insight into the day to day operations. The very day of my separation, The Oasis had me lined up with a job interview. Of which I found out a few weeks later, I was successful.

What was the best aspect of how we helped you get a job?

I was helped through the whole process feeling like I wasn’t alone and able to voice my concerns about sitting a job interview for the first time since joining defence. I was helped prepare of the interview and given ideas as to what questions I may have been asked. I found this very helpful! 

Being an intermediary for employers to Defence members was definitely the best aspect in my opinion. I understand it can be easy to become disheartened when job searching. After leaving a workplace where you are constantly surrounded on a day-to-day basis by people who you work with, play sports with, eat with, socialise with, it is quite a jarring to suddenly have all that disappear. With The Oasis, it gave me some piece of mind knowing there is a team helping us along the way to find new employment.


What advice for others do you have for those approaching us for the same service?

Yes, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I couldn’t recommend Oasis enough, such a helpful group of people that want nothing but the best for you. 

Whilst The Oasis is there for you, they can only help you as much as you’re willing to help yourself. Have a clear idea of what field of work you want to go into to. Research what courses and qualifications you can do to give you the best chance for employment. Then communicate this to The Oasis and they can help build your image for potential employers, giving you the best chance for employment after Defence.

If you’re not sure of what you want to do, the staff at The Oasis can help to put you on the right path.