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VBA Job Projects

There are many players involved in supporting veterans into employment. Too often they are not working together but offering outstanding stand-alone opportunities to gain new employment. The Oasis Townsville has found a niche in supporting the efforts of these multiple and disparate organisations, bringing them together to arrive at workable solutions that support veterans and their partners change jobs.

Defence Transition to Manufacturing


  • This collaboration is expected to offer ADF Personnel a customised manufacturing training program to assist veterans to transition into civilian employment in the manufacturing industry. It is in two parts. The first part involves the training and qualification and the second part involves the placement into employment. 

    • The Defence Manufacturing Training Program will offer an entry-level understanding of key manufacturing skills, together with industry experience to begin a career in manufacturing. It will cover all aspects of manufacturing from Design to Build and involve four weeks of paid industry placement with selected local manufacturers.

    • Employment with one of four Townsville businesses. 


  • Pilot a program in which 15 veterans are supported through training and end up in employment in Townsville. 

Digital Skills Capability for Veterans and Partners

Background Information

The digital workplace of 2027 will be human-centric

Australia faces digital skills crisis

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