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What can we do for you?

The Oasis Townsville is the single point of entry to the ecosystem that will support you through whatever changes are occurring in your life, especially from military service to life in civvy street.


We will help define what you are looking to achieve and ensure you are connected to the best services for the veteran community. We will conduct our analysis for your plan based on what we define as the 10 Human Needs

We are also developing a network of like organisations around Australia and may be able to refer you to one of them for similar support. 

Have you already been for a first appointment ?

If you have already been accepted into our service, and completed the first face-to-face interview, then it would be best to call to make another appointment, if we don't contact you first. You'll hear from us as often as you tell us you'd like an update, or when needed for the next steps in the process.

Wellbeing phone is answered during office hours 0900h to 1500h Weekdays (less public holidays) - 0476 990 006

New to our Service?

If you have not yet commenced working with us, we need to gather some information and organise your first appointment.

Please click the button below and complete the form. When you have submitted the form you'll get a call to make your first appointment. 


Need to ask a question or contact us?

You can contact us many ways, here are a few:

  • Phone: 47598777

    • Weekdays 0900h to 1500h (less public holidays)

    • you can leave a voice message which will be followed up on our next working day.

  • Postal: PO Box 2513, IDALIA QLD 4811