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Hounds4Healing Program

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​Hounds 4 Healing has operated as independent not for profit organisation for five years, founded by Matt Campbell and other Australian Defence Force veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In 2020, Hounds 4 Healing came into The Oasis Townsville as a Special Program to allow the veterans running it to concentrate on what they do best and be supported and sustained by The Oasis Townsville.


We have been excited and encouraged by the positive results we have achieved. We have a diverse range of dogs as not one specific breed fits the mould for the perfect dog to train.  These dogs are at various stages of their training, with many dogs having been assessed for their Public Access Test (PAT) and successfully certified as assistant dogs.


Through the hard work of the handlers a valuable and strong bond is created and developed with their dog through training and certification. 

The training and certification provided are intended to ensure both dog and handler are safe and can behave appropriately when in public, particularly on public transport and crowded places. 


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that "dogs are our freedom". An assistance dog provides essential support and companionship to its handler to brave the world again. ​By creating a solid and reliable bond between dog and handler, veterans and other clients can regain independence ​and routine in their life.