Everyone's Needs

What is Happiness?

The Oasis Townsville model is guided by this famous quote by Emmanuel Kant:

"Happiness is pretty simple, it requires:

something to do, someone to love, something to look forward to." 

The Oasis Townsville considers the spirit of the quote translates to: Have a Job, Belong to a Team, and a Good Plan. The job and connections are central and the Plan centres on the 10 Human Needs. These 10 Human Needs are very much interrelated and have a significant impact on each other.

We focus on the Plan as it includes the job and connections and the relationship to the other eight Human Needs.

10 Human Needs

A Job (meaningful engagement) We work closely with organisations involved in the process of getting veterans into either a job with an employer, or into their own business. We are also reliant on volunteers to run the organisation and understand that some veterans can not work but are still looking for 'something to do', especially if that involves helping their brothers and sisters in arms. Our Volunteer Opportunities Program does that too.

A Team (social connections) We acknowledge there are many "teams" in Townsville in the form of associations and clubs. Many veterans belong to several of these. We recognise that some of these associations often have difficulty finding an appropriate place to meet. We offer a 'veterans lounge'; two huts that will accommodate 30 seated in theatre style or 20 around tables in discussion format; a large conference centre that will seat 80 in theatre style or 45 around tables in discussion format.

A Plan (a 10 point plan covering all of the Needs and the interconnections between them) is offered to those who seek support from our Wellbeing Program. Wellbeing Advocates will step through the 10 Human Needs with the veteran and his/her family to ensure each need is addressed and particularly the connections between them. We will use our growing Service Directory to refer to services best provided by others in the Townsville Community.