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We have established a comprehensive evaluation system to ensure we remain vigilant in assuring our value to the veteran community. This system includes an advisory body of expert professionals in the field of veteran community care, a comprehensive feedback capability, and of course a collection of great stories and testimonials.

Formal qualitative evaluations, the most recent of which was conducted by CQU after the first year of operations at Homebase. We intend to review and reconduct the same at regular intervals. 


Ongoing quantitative evaluation by measurement of impact and outcomes from the data collected on participants, clients, and visitors. This evaluation is supported by the Australian Social Values Bank (ASVB) to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of our operations. 

We also have an expert panel of professionals in the field of veteran community care. A Veterans Community Integration Advisory Committee (VCIAC) chaired by the GM and made up of the leadership of the most significant organisations in the wellbeing of the veteran community provides advice and guidance on current operations and proposed strategies. 

Read some of our successes and feedback here:

Prominent placement of QR Codes around Homebase for members of the veteran community to input ideas, complaints and feedback, anonymously if desired. Even a specific one for Dirty Boots Cafe.

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