DVA's Network of 

Veteran Wellbeing Centres

The philosophy underpinning the establishment of Veteran Wellbeing Centres (VWC) around Australia is that Wellbeing describes how you feel about yourself and your life.


Wellbeing is both subjective and objective and includes a complex combination of biological, lifestyle, socioeconomic, societal and environmental factors, which can be influenced by health care, welfare support and other interventions (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2018).

As part of the commitment by the Federal Government to The Oasis Townsville, a further five VWCs have been established, each receiving $5mil to get them started. Subsequently, investigations have been ongoing to potentially establish a further two VWCs, in the ACT and Tasmania. 

It is expected that when complete, the VWCs will form a Network, along with other similar navigation and referral organisations, for veterans and their families to access across Australia. 

The Oasis Townsville was the catalyst and is involved in a collaboration with DVA and the other VWCs to establish and develop the network.