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Veteran Health and DVA Literacy for Health Care Professionals Program


The Veteran Helth and DVA Literacy for Health Care Professionals Program was developed as an initiative of Operation COMPASS. It has been conducted several times, the most recent being at the start of 2022 in Townsville. As Operation COMPASS ceases at the end of 2022 and there are some lessons to be applied and information to be bought up to date, it is a matter of time and effort.

It is the intent of The Oasis Townsville, that has Operation COMPASS as an ongoing program, to develop the package to such an extent that it can be exported for use in other locations around Australia. When ready to do so, it will be a requirement of conducting our package that it is executed to the same high professional standards conducted as part of Operation COMPASS. And it will cost, to ensure it is done right.

The effort to bring the package up to date and to a standard and in a form suitable for export and professional conduct is the subject of the work going on now.

We have had many organisations seeking info on how they can conduct the training. Watch this space for more details.

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