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Oasis Service Directory


As a referral organisation, The Oasis Townsville has had under development for two years a Service Directory that will become the lynchpin of referral operations by Wellbeing Navigators in the Wellbeing Program. The Service Directory is being constructed in our database named ChilliDB and will provide key information for the best effect from referring individuals and families to the best services in Townsville. 


The Project involves seeking out the information needed for effective referrals and adding key info to it that helps group, sort and filter that information to allow wellbeing navigators to zero in quickly on the right service for our clients. 

In the Meantime

While we are developing the Service Directory and will eventually put a version of it online for veterans and families to refer to, we have found some useful resources for self-referral for those who are keen to do their own thing. We'll add to this site as we find them. 

  • General Resources

  • Some Good Apps

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