Compensation Advocacy Appointment

You have been directed to this page by an Advocate of The Oasis Townsville as it is assessed that at least one of your needs is for 'appropriate compensation'.


Due to the lack of compensation advocates available in Townsville, our Wellbeing Program has several compensation advocates under various stages of training. We also have access to higher-level advocates via video conferencing facilities at our Home Base in The Village at Oonoonba. 

We will have already asked you to complete the Initial Application for Wellbeing Support. We have one more application for you to complete with information that is specific to your compensation. 

You will need to bring as much as possible from the following list to the first interview. It would be worthwhile attempting to gather as much as you can now to be ready for the call and the appointment.


The documents you'll need (note most of these will have been given to you on a thumb drive if you transitioned since 2019) are:

  • Proof of identity (POI); this is required if you have not previously made a claim for compensation through DVA and is also required when making a claim for a Service Pension. 

  • DVA number or treatment card, if issued.

  • Military medical documentation associated with your injury/condition.

  • Medical documentation associated with your injury/condition since discharge, including any associated specialist report(s). (Specialist reports are very important to your case).

  • Enlistment and discharge medical and dental health examination (SHE and DHE).

  • Record of Service which should include:

    • date of enlistment,

    • date of discharge and

    • any operational service including dates of operation(s).

  • Accident incident report(s).

  • Any previous correspondence or decisions you have had from DVA.

  • Your Bank details:

    • Account Name,

    • BSB Number and

    • Account Number.

  • Your Tax File Number

  • You might also wish to bring your partner/spouse to the interview. In many cases, your partner will be able to assist with describing how your disability affects you and your family.