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June 2021

Arrived at Home Base, at last!

From 1 June we are complete at Home Base Oonoonba. There are still quite a few workers around 1 Staging Camp Ave, finishing off on a few building projects. The Grants Program is almost finalised with eight applicants successfully making it through to selection. The next big activity we are undertaking is a Veterans Adventure Camp in partnership with Outer Limits Adventure Fitness. We are also expanding the Connections Program now that we have room. These next 6 months will be very busy for us all at The Oasis Townsville while we settle in and establish a new battle rhythm, but we will be ready for a Grand Launch in Veterans Health Week.
We've handed back the keys to our CBD office and owe a great big vote of thanks to Mayor Jenny Hill and the Townsville City Council for the use for 2.5 years. Having a place to establish ourselves and establish the basics of our operation has been invaluable. We'll take June to settle in to our Home Base and then take the next six months to grow the programs we know we need to achieve our mission.
There are a few projects still underway to complete our Home Base. We're expecting solar panels to be installed, the audio visual fit out to be completed and some more of the furniture to arrive. We will even have a wall replaced that does not meet the local building codes. So some disruption to operations are still expected. Dirty Boots Café however will not be affected and is very busy.
We'll have a presentation ceremony in late June for the eight successful grant recipients in the 2021 Round of The Oasis Townsville Community Grants Program. We were after activities that enhanced social connections. The program funded by NQPHN is $250K and has been invaluable in enabling grass roots ideas form the veteran community to enhance connections. 'Prevention through Connection' is a key lesson from Operation COMPASS and a significant part of The Oasis Townsville mission.
We've had such great success with Operation FARMER ASSIST that we thought we'd try a similar but different slant. In partnership with Outer Limits Adventure Fitness, we'll run the first Veterans Adventure Camp in August with 13 places available for veterans. The aim of the camp is to grow positive social connections and promote an active lifestyle.
We are planning now for the expansion of our Connections Program. The Oasis is purpose-built for meetings and activities in our huts and Veterans Lounge. We have a few takers already to conduct activities in the huts. We've yet to perfect the booking routine and system to ensure the best experience for all. Fortunately, Dirty Boots Café has been up and running for a few weeks now and is going gangbusters so all activities can take a coffee I with them.
We opened the doors on our Home Base on 1 June and will take a month to settle in and expand essential services. By July we will have commenced a few activities as part of our Connections Program. Between August and October we'll be conducting a few pilot programs for full production in early 2022. Our big event will be the Grand Launch on Saturday 9 October during Veterans Health Week.

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