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David Kippin

I am one of the directors and I serve to provide a conduit to the business community and to lend my corporate and business experience and expertise in support of the organisation’s aspirations and goals.

Barbie Keller

I had a 34 year career in Banking and Financial Services before leaving the industry in 2006 as CEO of a regionally based mid tier Accounting and Financial Services company. I served as CEO of Townsville Enterprise Limited for three years before consolidating my business advisory consulting business in 2015. I also Chair two Boards involved in the Health/Medical industry in Townsville. I am a fellow of the Institute Of Management & Leadership and Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

My father retired from his ADF service in 1971 as adjutant of 9th Field Ambulance and I have a calling to assist ADF personnel to better employ themselves when transitioning out of the ADF and to support them to become active and valued contributors to the Townsville community. Townsville has itself transitioned into a welcoming and accepting community for those ADF personnel who serve and reside here for just a brief period but more so to those who choose to make their lives in Townsville after leaving their ADF careers. For those ADF personnel, whether serving or ex. serving, Townsville is a better place for their commitment and contribution to our community and I would like to acknowledge that with my service to The Oasis.

Raising three beautiful daughters with my wife, and trying to install in them the values that my father instilled into me, values that were forged from his ADF service. I think we would be a better community and country if our youth served a couple of their formative years in the ADF.

My wife and I flew to Sydney in 2015 in a specially chartered Virgin aircraft full of passionate supporters, and with the aircrew all originating from Townsville, to experience the Cowboys win their first NRL Grand Final. It was an amazing and fun weekend, which we will never forget, from the very minute we gathered at the Townsville airport until we arrived back to our city, which for a brief period forgot the difficult conditions that it was experiencing. It was also so close to being the worst weekend in my life. Thank you JT and your cowboys teammates.

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