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Cost-Benefit Analysis
by Australian Social Values Bank

These graphs represent the cost-benefit analysis conducted by The Oasis Townsville in FY2023-24, utilising the Australian Social Values Bank. At the end of the 12 months, this methodology and analysis prove that for every $1 spent at The Oasis Townsville, we provided a benefit to the economy and community of $3.

We deliberately aimed to be conservative in gathering our data. If we were unsure, we did not count an individual or an event that may have contributed to an even greater return on investment. 

We are especially buoyed by the Queensland Mental Health Commission's recent (Jul 2024) release for consultation of its Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2024-2029 (PDF), which claims a RoI of $8 for $1. 

These two paragraphs, from pages 4 and 5, respectively, of the draft, highlight the 'upstream' approach taken by The Oasis Townsville.

Wellbeing and mental health are intrinsically linked — and a key element of holistic wellbeing is mental wellbeing. Individuals who care for their mental health and wellbeing are 8 times less likely to experience mental ill-health than those who don’t.9 Likewise, improving mental health and wellbeing in people who are diagnosed with a mental health condition makes recovery up to 7 times more likely and more effective.


A different approach is needed. Protecting the wellbeing of our population — and where possible, preventing mental ill-health in the first place — is the key. A growing body of research, expert consensus, and public support are driving a shift toward preventative approaches to the mental health needs of Queenslanders. Targeted investment in preventative health can yield substantial personal, community and economic benefit, strengthening social connections, improving educational and employment outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs. Investment in interventions that improve mental health and wellbeing have been shown to yield a return of over $8 for every dollar spent.19 A report by KPMG and Mental Health Australia in 201819 demonstrated that an estimated $90 million in savings would be available in the short term if targeted investment in prevention and early intervention was increased.

Return on Investment (RoI) in The Oasis Townsville
Screenshot 2024-07-20 124333.png
Screenshot 2024-07-20 123927.png
Screenshot 2024-07-20 124428.png
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