Life Planning
[Under Development]


The Oasis Townsville has been working on Operation NAVIGATOR with key stakeholders in Townsville since mid-2021. 

The vision is to have every serving ADF veteran and his or her family feel confident and in charge of their future and positive about the prospects of transition, well before they reach the point of deciding to transition, from the earliest days of the beginning of their ADF service. 

This is likely to be a recommendation of the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide [ext], having already been recommended by the Productivity Commission [ext] and Dr Bernadette Boss [ext].

While we are standing up the capability, any veteran who is keen to begin the process of considering their future beyond ADF service, before it arrives, is welcome to come out to Home Base to discuss the options. 

The current means of commencing this process is to complete the Intake to the Wellbeing Program [int].

The experience and lessons from this pilot in Townsville, from where 10% (>600 veterans / year) of ADF members transition, will be highly relevant for the application of a life planning service for all serving ADF veterans across all ADF bases. 

The Plan

The Oasis Townsville will establish a process and tools to support the planning by soldiers, sailors and aviators for their inevitable transition out of the ADF.


The next steps for development are:

  • Develop a tool for supporting veterans to draft a life plan

    • objectives and milestones​

    • national accreditation for efficacy

    • potential development as a smartphone app

  • Test, Adjust and Evaluate the tool

  • Conduct a pilot in Townsville