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Activity Updates

1 December

  • Employment Program. Although new to the employment game, our results so far have been impressive. We have placed several veterans and partners into employment and have a few more likely soon. This is our key program for development and we will sign a few MOUs and hopefully be successful in a grant to kick start a professionalisation of the function for The Oasis Townsville. See the Jobs Board

  • Volunteer Army. While we've finished with Operation FARMER ASSIST deployments out to Western Queensland for the year and will restart in about March next year, we have been working on Operation TOWNSVILLE ASSIST which is our contribution to the Townsville Recovery Rebuild Project. It is due to conclude on 18 December. We are working on a concept for an Oasis Support Force of volunteers who's like to be involved, but have little time to spare other than a coffee and a chat with someone who could do with some guidance / mentoring. More on that in the new year. 

  • Advocacy Program. We have our nine advocates all working hard. We've begun a program of professional development and put a couple of advocate through the JP course so we have people who can witness documents on hand. 

1 November

  • Employment Program. We've begun to develop a few key MOUs that will set us up for establishing the process to get from decision to discharge from the ADF, to settled in a new career. We expect some of the MOUs to be finalised in the new year and to have some horsepower behind making the system work. Watch this space. See the Jobs Board.  

  • Advocacy Program. The work to develop our advocacy capability and capacity is ongoing. We have progressed the work needed to bring the entire process onto our client management tool named Chilli. We are working to ensure that anyone who is a client of The Oasis Townsville is looked after seamlessly through the process despite the ups and downs of volunteer availability. This will take a while but will make the capability sustainable and enjoyable for those who give up their time to qualify as an advocate and help veterans. If you'd like to have a crack at this come in and talk to us and see what that entails. 

  • Hounds 4 Healing. is coming on board soon. We've now made space for a facility to train dogs at the new building in Oonoonba. This will make a big difference and we expect to be able to increase the throughput of dogs and owners. 

  • Connection Programs. We've now completed a 6 week sewing program to test how the connections programs might work. The aim is to get people together, enjoy each others company, make connections and continue the activity in each others homes. The sewing went very well and we are investigating other interests that would suit the connections program. All dependant on grants and looking to start a few next year.

1 October 2019

  • Employment Program. We have begun a new service for jobs for our community. Its early days yet, but we already have a number of employers who 'get it'. They get a hardworking, loyal, team member and they take on someone who will need a bit of help in gaining the skills required to be really effective in the job. See the Jobs Board.  

  • Advocacy Program. A Townsville Advocacy Community of Practice meeting was held last month and was well attended. There were discussions and presentations from a team which came to Townsville specifically to help ensure we all stay on track to be able to perform to the best of our ability in support of the ex-ADF community in Townsville. We have 10 advocates in various stages of certification and training. If you'd like to have a crack at this come in and talk to us and see what that entails. 

  • Hounds 4 Healing is in the final stages of taking a final decision to fold in under The Oasis Townsville as a program so that we can help them do what they do best and take the governance headache away from them. This is an outstanding program that has proven very successful with over 40 assistance dogs trained over the last few years. We look forward to welcoming Hounds 4 Healing into the fold soon.